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Environmental Policy

The The Angel Hotel is a privately run, three star establishment in the heart of Abergavenny. The hotel provides accommodation, food and beverage to the public. The hotel currently carries out a small recycling programme which includes the recycling of cardboard, glass and various plastics. The Angel Hotel intends to further its care of the environment by fully implementing an Environmental Policy which all staff are to read, understand and sign. The Angel Hotel recognises that it has an obligation to fulfil and will do its best, where possible, to decrease their effect of damage on the environment.
The environmental policy will ensure...

  • All relevant environmental legislation will be in place and will assume the minimum requirements.
  • The prevention of pollution will be addressed amongst the staff and will be implemented through a series of Standard Operational Procedures.
  • Our reference to the use of gas has addressed key environmental impacts and will continue to do so over the forthcoming 12 months with the implementation of this Environmental Policy.
  • Continual environmental improvements will be achieved through environmental targets and objectives that will be implemented over the next 12 months.
  • All electricity that isn't being utilised will be terminated from usage to save the effect on the environment and to save money.
  • The use of locally sourced materials for the kitchen with a good use of organic and free range meat and produce.
  • This environmental policy will be updated annually and will be made available to all interested parties, including employees, guests, suppliers and members of the public.
Issue: 002 Date: March 2007