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Disabled Access


The Hotel Building

  • The Angel Hotel was built in the 1800s and due to the nature of the architecture there exist many potential barriers to being accessible to all. We have, however, taken reasonable measures to ensure that people with a disability can use our facilities, and the improvements are ongoing.
Public Transport

  • Abergavenny railway station is located approximately 15 minutes away on foot, or less than 5 minutes by car. A regular taxi service is available outside the station. Alternatively, pre-arrange with us for a taxi to collect you.
  • Abergavenny bus station is located approximately 5 minutes away on foot. The main street linking the railway and bus stations to the hotel is in good condition with well-maintained pavements.
  • From the railway station, 5 side streets must be crossed to reach the hotel, and 1 side street from the bus station.
  • We are happy to arrange a taxi on your behalf with one of the local taxi firms.
  • For directions to the hotel, please go to the location page or ring for more verbal or visual information.
Car Park and Rear Entrance

  • We have our own car parking facilities to the rear of the hotel with provision for 30 cars. When this is full, there is a large public car park opposite the rear of the hotel, available at a small premium.
  • Access to the hotel from the car park (23.3 metres) is via an open passage at a slight gradient.
  • On entering the rear porch way, five steps (17 cm high and 28 cm deep) descend onto a small area. There are handrails on both sides of the stairway. Another small stone step brings you into the courtyard.
  • The most accessible route from the courtyard into the ground floor of the hotel is to go through the door on your left hand side. A small step up leads to double doors that swing outwards.
Drop-off Point

  • Outside the front of the hotel is a drop-off point, in Cross Street.
  • It is not particularly large, however, and is frequently used, so it would be worth informing us prior to arrival if you are intending on using this facility.
  • A member of staff will always be willing to assist guests from the drop-off point to the hotel entrance (3 metres), if necessary.
Main Entrance

  • Access to the ground floor of the hotel is via two steps (9 cm and 16 cm high) leading to a double door (176 cm wide).
  • We can provide a temporary ramp (90 cm long) at the main entrance, resulting in gradients of 1:10 and 1:7 respectively. One of our receptionists will be happy to assist in arranging this.
  • The ground floor is level throughout, with the exception of one step up (14 cm high) to the sitting room.
  • Please note that the temporary ramp can be used throughout the hotel as appropriate for your convenience.
Toilet Facilities

  • Currently we have a disabled toilet/baby changing facility on the ground floor, through the rear door in the bar.
  • The entrance door is 80cm wide and the cubicle door frame (no actual door on the cubicle) is 84cm wide. There are two hand rails each 33cm in length positioned vertically 70cm from the ground on either side of the toilet.
  • The baby changing table is 60cm deep and 155cm long and has a safety bar running the entire length of the outside edge.
  • A key from reception is required for entrance to the disabled toilet/baby changing room as there is only a handle on the inside, this is to ensure privacy for disabled customers as there is no door on the cubicle itself.
  • Ladies on the ground floor:
Entrance door: 70cm wide;
Cubicle door to the left: 58cm wide;
Cubicle door to the right 65cm wide.
Ladies and gents on the far side of the bar:
The main ladies and gents toilets for use by customers are situated through the door at the rear of the bar. There are 6 wooden steps (each 20cm high) leading up to these toilets on the right hand side as you go through the door at the rear of the bar.
Ladies entrance door: 78cm wide; all four cubicle doors: 80cm wide
Gents entrance door: 82cm wide; two cubicle doors: 82cm wide; four urinals with automatic flush opposite the cubicles.

  • The reception area is well lit. Lighting can be increased where necessary. The reception desk is 106 cm high. Alternatively, one of our receptionists can come to you.
Access to Main Public Areas

  • The restaurant is accessed via a door with a width of 86 cm. The restaurant is large with good spacing between tables. There is also a clear passage way to all tables. We will always be happy to assist you in selecting a suitable table, and in removing chairs or storing wheelchairs where necessary.
  • Large print menus are available on request, or a member or staff will be able to assist you in reading the menu if you so wish.
  • The Foxhunter Bar can be accessed from both the front and rear entrances. Both doors are 75cm wide. Again, we will be happy to assist you in your selection of asuitable table and to move furniture accordingly.
  • The sitting room is accessed via a 14 cm high step up and through an 84 cm wide door. Here you will find comfortable sofas and armchairs. Tables in this area are lower (average 45 cm) than in the restaurant and bar (average 75 cm).
  • Waitress service is provided in all of the three main eating and drinking areas mentioned above.
  • Doors into the main public areas are usually held open. If a door is closed, a member of staff will be happy to assist you.
Function Rooms

  • We have three function rooms. The Ballroom, suitable for the larger-style function, and the Brecon Suite, suitable for meetings and smaller functions, are located on the first floor.
  • The Ballroom has double doors with a total width of 121.5 cm. The bar area adjacent to the Ballroom is accessed via two steps upon which a temporary ramp can be placed (gradient 1:3.5).
  • The door to the Brecon Suite is 81 cm wide. Two steps (each with a height of 15 cm) lead from the main corridor to the entrance.
  • The Ballroom has its own entrance from the car park (148 cm wide). We will happily assist you in using this entrance to the first floor via a temporary ramp (gradient 1:3).
  • The Wedgewood Room, our third function room, is located on the ground floor. There are two entrances, with widths of 133 cm and 88.5 cm respectively.

  • Currently, all of our 31 guest rooms are located on the first and second floors. All rooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities including cordless kettles.
  • One of our guestrooms on the first floor is disabled friendly.
  • There is a lift available to take you to the first and second floors. The door is 87cm wide and the interior is 130cm deep and 135cm wide.